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Saturday, 25 October 2008 12:25

Bonsai Propagation is the creation of a new plant material to be developed as a bonsai. This is also the same as propagating any type of common plant. This is achieved through three popular means; seeds, cuttings, and layering. I will discuss this article in great detail since this is one of the important concepts that a bonsai enthusiast should understand.

Bonsai Propagation from Seeds

This is the most common of all bonsai propagation techniques. A seed is the cheapest way to start your Bonsai. Seeds are available from nurseries, commercial gardens, hobby shops, groceries, and the Internet. You can have your friend mail the bonsai seeds to you from wherever he is. You can meet other bonsai enthusiasts in forums and ask for free seeds. Although it takes a lot of time to grow from seeds, watching it grow is also a rewarding experience,

When you get your seeds, do not bury it immediately under the soil. If there is literature that went with it, read it. If you bought it from the store, ask the seller for some advise, You can also surf the web regarding information on that type of seed.

Seed Preparation

Generally speaking, small seeds that come from a tree with sweet edible fruits need a little exposure to acidity before planting. This seeds evolved to be eaten by animals and pass through the digestive track for about a day. Seeds that are very small and light are designed to be blown by the air, this bonai seeds need a long exposure to sun light to dry the seed coat completely before planting. Large seeds need a little pounding or scratching of the seed coat and needs to be exposed to the sun for some time until it becomes dry and light. Seeds that come from pods need to be thoroughly dried. Bonsai seeds that come from temperate regions needs over wintering, the process of contraction and expansion of the seed due to temperature, stimulates germination. You either need to wait for winter and then plant it in spring or if you are in the tropics you can put it in the freezer for a week.


Most seeds germinate when humidity in the soil or in the air is persistent.

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