Pemphis Acidula, Bonsai Pemphis Acidula
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Written by Bonsai King   
Thursday, 29 January 2009 18:57
This is a large size semi-cascade Bonsai Pemphis Acidula. I am showing the problem part on its cascading branch. I showed it to other bonsai masters before and they said that it is a worthless bonsai because it has a goiter. They have inspected it carefully and concluded that the goiter can not be removed because the life line passes through there. The large bump destroys the gradual taper of the trunk. Notice the lines where I will cut it. a good branch will be sacrificed in the process.

Now the problem part has been removed but the taper is not yet good. I have to transfer this pemphis acidula from my farm to my office for real serious work.


Twenty days later the pemphis acidula arrived in my office. This is a night time photo and is the only full view picture I have before the transformation. Notice the left leaning trunk on the left side. It will also be removed and whatever is left will be converted to shari (drift wood).


I removed all the unnecessary branches at the tip of the cascade and wired the remaining branches so as to give a clear view of the problem area which I will work on. I started to chisel it and later finished it with a rotary tool.


It took twenty one more days of serious wiring, chiseling, grinding, and then finishing the dead parts (shari) with lime sulfur. Finally its finished. This is the front view of my Pemphis Acidula. Take note on how I converted the left leaning trunk into a shari. I did not remove it completely because I need to balance the composition. The cascade to the right is heavy for the eyes. The left shari compensates it.


The back view. You can see that I tried to make each foliage as distinct as possible. This will be more pronounced when the foliage thickens. I will take another picture in a few months. This bonsai is heavy, it takes two strong people to carry it to an area where I can take pictures.

Left side view. Take note of the 1.5 liter coke bottle. I included it in the photo so that you will have an idea of its size. That is where I put my diluted lime sulphur.

Right side view. The foliage of a cascade has to be smaller as you go to the tip. In this picture it appears that it is large. This is only due to the perspective view of being in the foreground. Most of these are night time photos because I usually work at night.

More later . . . .

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