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Tuesday, 08 December 2009 14:21


A plant with no stem between the roots and the first leaves.

accent plant

This is a separate plant or group of plants used to add a subtle element of nature when exhibiting bonsai trees. Small in size, suitable plants include grasses, reeds, herbs, bulbs and many others.


To adapt a plant to a new climate different that of its native region.


The concentration of acid in the soil , measured in terms of pH. An acidic soil has a pH of 6 or below.


These refers to parts of a plant developing in places where it does not normally grow. Example, are roots developing on a place where leaves should be.


This is refers to the physiological similarity of two plants. This is very important when grafting.

air layer

Air layering is a method of propagating plants vegetatively, encouraging branches to produce roots whilst still attached to the tree. Achieved by ring barking an individual branch, treating with rooting hormone, which is then wrapped in sphagnum moss or bonsai soil, and sealed within a plastic bag. When sufficient roots have grown, the branch is severed to become a new plant.


A Japanese clay-like soil with good characteristics for bonsai.


The concentration of acid in the soil , measured in terms of pH. An acidic soil has a pH of 7 or above.

alternate nodes

Alternate nodes are leaf attachments that occur on the alternate sides of a branch as in calyos (streblus asper), tahid labuyo (pyracantha sp), and elm.


Softening wire by heating and allowing it to cool slowly. This is done to regular electric wires to soften it enough for wiring bonsai.


The apex is the tip of a tree or the tip of the branches. For cascade bonsai there may be two apex, one on the top of the tree and one on the tip of the downward cascade.

apical bud

The apical bud is a bud located at the tip of a shoot.

apically dominant

A type of  plant that uses most of its energy for upward growth.

arching / arcure

The curves induced by wiring to create branch movement.


The covering around the seed coat. Usually red, fleshy and cup shaped.


Auxin is a plant hormone, which has roles in phototropism, apical dominance, fruiting and rooting


This is the angle formed by a lateral branch with a branch that it is attched to.


A bud, shoot or flower growing form the axil.


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