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Tuesday, 08 December 2009 16:56


This is the twisted trunk style. One of the old bonsai styles that is now rarely used.


This is the loss of sap caused by wounding or pruning.


This is a Japanese term for the the art of cultivating and training a plant to create the illusion of a dwarfed tree. Literally, bon - sai means a miniature representation of a tree on a tray.


This is a japanese term for tray plantings containing stones, trees, plants and figurines.

bordeaux mixture

An old type of fungicide consisting of lime and copper sulphate solution.

branch bender

This is a a clamp or jack used to bend a branch or a trunk. This is used when usual wiring methods can not achieve the proper bend or shape desired.

branch splitter

This is a cutting tool used to divide a branch or a trunk to allow it to be bent more easily. This is used in really hard to bend branches and classified as an advance technique.

broadleaf evergreen

This is a type of non-needled plants that remain green all year-round. Most of these are tropical bonsai such as ficus.

broom style

A bonsai style which resembles an inverted broom with a single trunk dividing into many symmetric branchlets which subdivide into twigs and so forth.  See Hokidachi


The embryo of a shoot, flower usually enclosed on a protective cover.


The process where a bud is transplanted to another part of a bonsai or another planti where a branch or a root is desired to grow.


This is a Japanese term for an educated person and applied to the literati style of bonsai. A tree grown in this style, usually emphasizes a thin moving trunk, with a lean appearance and relatively small pot.


In bonsai, this is a term applied to a plant with stems arising from the base in a disorganized manner, or a bonsai with an undefinable trunk, branches and foliage.


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