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The callus is a raised roll of tissue that forms as a wound heals and closes. This is actually a new layer of xylem being deposited at the edge of the live part of the wound. In time more xylem is created by the cabium which eventually heals over the wound.


This is a layer of tissue between the xylem and phloem, where new wood is formed. The cambium is the most active part of the tree, the is the place were new cells are formed which differentiates to be the phloem and the xylem.


Candles are the annual new shoots found on pine trees which later grows into pine needles.


Canopy is the upper and outermost portion of the trees branches. The leaves on these branches combine to form the canopy.

cascade style

Cascade style is a bonsai style in which the trunk emerges from the bonsai soil and descends along one side of the bonsai container. Semi-cascade style is when the apex of the cascade goes lower than the lip of the pot. While Full cascade goes lower than the bottom of the pot.


Chichi are the nodules found on the trunks of old Ginkgo specimens.


Chokkan is a Japanese term for the formal upright style


Collecting, also known as hunting, is the process of gathering pre-bonsai material from the wild or a garden.

clump style

Clump style is one of the multiple trunk style in bonsai wherein several trunks emanate from a common base.

see Kabaduchi

companion plant

Companion plant, also known as accent plant, is a separate plant or group of plants used to add a subtle element of nature when exhibiting bonsai trees. Small in size, caccent plants include grasses, reeds, herbs, bulbs and many others.

concave cutters

A Concave cutter is a bonsai tool with a concave cutting edge, used to remove branches with a slightly depressed cut. Concave cutters were developed to avoid having raised healed portions on cuts. The callous would then heal over the depression, making it flat and discreet


The crown is the combination of branches and leaves at the apex of a tree that form shape that defines its silhouette.

crown - Upper part of a tree, formed by the trunk and spreading branches.


Cultivar is any named variety of plant with a distinct character from the original species.


Cutting is a portion of a stem or branch that has been cut and rooted. Cutting is a very common form of vegetative reproduction for plants.

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