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Tuesday, 08 December 2009 17:17


Deciduous plants enter a state of dormancy annually. Usually a response to an expected change in weather such as the coming of winter, manifested by the loss of leaves and no growth.


Defoliation also known as leaf pruning, whereby some or all of the leaves are removed to encourage new shoots and smaller leaves on deciduous trees.


Die-back is the death of shoots or branch tips, caused by drought, insects, disease, lack of light or extreme weather conditions.


Dioecious plants have distinct male and female sexes, requiring one representative of each to set fruit or viable seed.


Dormancy is a resting period for plants, during the winter months, where little or no growth is produced.


The term "dwarf" refers to a variety or cultivar of larger plant, that is smaller, with compact, slow growth. Indicated by Latin name 'nana', such as Ficus nana.


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