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Written by Bonsai King   
Tuesday, 08 December 2009 17:20


Raceme is a term used for a long flower stem, with many separate flower stalks, e.g. wisteria flowers, orchids.


Raffia is a dried shredded reed used to wrap branches and trunk before bending to cushion and reduce the likelihood of splitting.

raft style

This raft style is a bonsai style in which multiple trunks grow in a line froming a connected base.


Ramificatoin is the development of a twigging structure by a series of divisions of branches into twigs and twiglets. This results to more leaves which are smaller in size. The leaves of the bonsai would then ramify to a dense and compact growth.


Ring-barking is used in air-layering, a strip of bark is removed from a branch to promote root growth at that selected point.

rooting hormone / rooting powder

A rooting hormone is a synthetic auxin in liquid or powder form which is used to treat cuttings taken from desirable plants to stimulate the development of roots.

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