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Written by Bonsai King   
Monday, 14 December 2009 10:57

Local Name:

Balete, Bo Tree, Sacred Fig, Beepul tree, Bodhitree

Scientific Name:

Ficus Religiosa




Found though out India and the tropics.


Woody stem cuttings, layering


Ficus religiosa is an evergreen tree,about 20 m tall and the branches are 2 m long, irregularly-shaped, wide-spreading branches.The branches have no aerial roots. The trunk is regularly shaped, butressed ath the base. Bark is grey, smooth, exfoliating in irregular rounded flakes. Leaves alternate, spirally arranged and broadly ovate, glossy, leathery, dark green leaves, about 14cm by 9 cm, with unusual tail-like tips, pink when young, stipulate, base-cordate. Petioles are slender and ablut 8 cm long.  Flowers axillary sessile, unisexual. The latin term ‘religiosa’ pertains to the religious significanceof this tree. Sidharta the prince is said to have sat and meditated under this tree and found enlightment then he became a Buddha. The tree is sacred to Buddhists and is planted around temples.
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