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Wednesday, 16 December 2009 09:40

Local Name:


Scientific Name:

Bougainvillea glabra,Bougainvillea spectabilis




The Bougainvillea is native to South America mainly in Brazil. It started dispersing since 1768 and is now widely distributed through out the world.



The Bougainvillea can be propagated through soft or hard cuttings and air layering. Cuttings should be planted in the shady areas until they produce the roots



The Bougainvillea is a popular woody thorny shrub. It grows to the height of 10 -15 feet. The flowers can be described thourh their colors as  classic red, purple, orange, white, pink and cream, which blooms all year. The leaves are ovate, rich green or variegated, colourful bracts surrounding small tubular flowers. The woody trunk tends to be twisted and the stem have sharp thorns and dark green leaves. The fruit is narrow five lobed achene.
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