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Written by Bonsai King   
Wednesday, 16 December 2009 14:43

Local Name:

Jade Tree / Porkbush / Elephant Food / Dwarf Jade


Scientific Name:

Portulacaria Afra




Portulacaria afra is native to South Africa.


The small leaf jade is very easily propagated by stem or leaf cuttings.


The Jade tree is a Fleshy, softly woody shrub or small tree up to 4m, often sprawling. It is founs on dry rocky hillsides.Portulacaria afra, also called Elephant Plant or Small leaf Jade is relatively new in bonsai but one that almost anyone can grow. It can withstand long periods without water making them excellent plants for beginners. The bark is green when young, becoming red-brown to slategrey, and smooth with conspicuous leaf scars. The leaves are simple, opposite, almost circular, about 1.5cm in diameter, or obovate, up to 2.5x l.7cm, fleshy, pale grey, pale greyblue-green to dark green. Each pair of leaves are at right angles to the next along the reddish stems. The apex is rounded with a short, abrupt point. The base is tapering, margin entire, petiole very short or almost absent. The flowers are small and star shaped though it seldom blooms.
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