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Written by Bonsai King   
Wednesday, 16 December 2009 16:09

Local Name:

Santan, Jungle Flame, Needle Flower, West Indian Jasmine, rangan, kheme, ponna, chann tanea, techi, pan, santan, jarum-jarum,

Scientific Name:

Ixora Chinensis


Rubiaceae, Coffee family


tropical south-east asia,southern India and Sri Lanka. It has also become a popular flower in South Florida.


Ixora can be propagated by tip cuttings of both tender tips and semi-hardwood growth. Take 4- to 6-inch pieces and plant in a well-drained growth medium. Using a rooting hormone can help speed rooting. Keep lightly watered for four to six weeks until they become rooted.


There are about 400 species of Ixora of which the majority are endemic in India, China and Malaysia. Today a large number of cultivars of Ixora coccinea and Ixora chinensis are being cultivated throughout the tropics for their long lasting flowers and attractive shiny leaves. The forms of Ixora chinensis are usually growing only 2.5' to 3' high ( 0.75m to 0.90m ), with colors ranging from white to pink and orange.

An annual pruning is usually best to keep your Ixora flowering. Try to avoid repeatedly shearing off the tips of the branches, as this kind of pruning removes emerging flower buds so you won't get as many flowers. Any major pruning to shape plants should be done in early spring as plants begin to send out new growth.


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