Bonsai Fukien Tea, Fukien tea, Tsaang gubat
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Written by Bonsai King   
Thursday, 19 June 2008 17:04

Fukien Tea

I bought this from a Chinese importer of plants from China. The Fukien Tea was not a bonsai but a "penjing". Penjing follows a very different set of rules as compared to bonsai. I decided to chop the trunk and develop the Fukien Tea  into a shohin (9 inches height). I let it grow in a large pot and developed the first few trunks. I transferred the Fukien Tea to its final pot and then let the Fukien Tea grow for some time to become healthy. Now I can choose my branches and wire the Fukien Tea.

I finally decided where the front is and removed all the unnecessary branches.

Then I selected and wired all primary and secondary branches.

Fukien tea  is locally called "Tsaang Gubat"

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