Bonsai root rot
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Written by Bonsai King   
Saturday, 21 June 2008 18:59

This event only happens when the drainage hole is clogged, or if the pot is submerged under water for a considerable amount of time. In these cases, water does not drain and the roots suffocate and drown. Roots need continuous supply of fresh air to survive. The best means to provide this is by watering. The act of watering pushes out the old air and new air comes in as the water drains. The porous soil surrounding the roots provides sufficient humidity for the air around the roots. There is no danger of root rot no matter how frequently you water as long as the drainage is good. There is a big difference in being water logged and watering frequently.


When filling a pot with soil, leave at least half an inch clearance from the top of the soil to the rim of the pot. This will make watering easier and you could visually observe the time it takes for water to drain. If it takes a long time to drain, then it is time to repot. Otherwise the pot will become water logged and the roots will die.


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