Bonsai Leaves
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Written by Bonsai King   
Tuesday, 01 July 2008 01:08

The bonsai leaves composes the foliage. For me, if the trunk is the body of the tree, then foliage is the clothing of the tree. You could style the foliage each time to change its appearance. The smaller the leaves the better the bonsai. The miniaturization of leaves can be accomplished through ramification.

Bonsai Ramification

In a shoot you will notice that the first few pairs leaves ae small, and as the shoot extends the bonsai leaves become gradually bigger. In ramification, you cut of the shoot down to the first pair of bonsai leaves. At the base of these leaves the dormant buds will be activated and will develop into new branches. You let the new branches grow and then cut back again to the first pair of leaves. Two things happen here. First, you only allow the first pairs of leaves to develop which are naturally small. Second every time you cut back a shoot two new shoots develop. So you get a lot of branches and a lot of small leaves. See the pictures below:

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