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Written by Bonsai King   
Friday, 11 July 2008 13:51

Non conifers

Bonsai pinching is a very popular term and the term is generally used for maintaining all bonsai. Bonsai pinching is convenient since you can do this anytime without tools. You can pinch and pinch your bonsai every time you pass by it or look at it. However I have to say a strong caution on this as it is one common reason of die backs.

The purpose of bonsai pinching is to create ramification. You create two more branches at evry pinch. It also cincreases the chances of back buding which creates more branches. Bonai pinching creates dense twigging and ramification in due time.

However, bonsai pinching forever without 'let grow' stages in between will weaken your bonsai severely. Sometimes to the loss of your main branches. Let grow stages are important because this is the time where your tree recovers from pruning and pinching. Healing wounds continuously drains a lot of energy from your bonsai. During the let grow stage energy is stored for later use.

If your fingernails are not very very sharp, pinching will leave large wounds on the small branches of your tree, and sometimes it crushes the buds or the whole young stem entirely. Huge wounds are a problem because of the longer time to heal and seal the wound. The young branch together with its buds could dry up and die before it heals.

Use sharp scissors whenever possible. Bonsai pinching was popularized long time ago when all bonsai where conifers. If your bonsai is not a conifer do not pinch. Cut instead.


In conifers pinch about half of the emerging bud with your fingers while doing a twisting motion. Scissors wont work in this case as the needles would be unevenly cut.


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