Pot bound Bonsai
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Written by Bonsai King   
Friday, 11 July 2008 14:27


Pot bound refers to the state of a bonsai where the roots have filled the pot to the extent of eliminating all vital air spaces. As the bonsai gets to the point of becoming pot-bound, roots then begin circling the pot and invading the coarse bottom layer. Generally in tropical climates, it will take two years to reach this stage and for temperate climates twice the time. When this happens you must repot to a larger container or prune the roots back so that you could fit it back to the same container.

Improper watering also causes the bonsai to be pot-bound. If you water sparingly, or you always wait until your bonsai wilts before watering, pot-bound condition will happen earlier. In low water conditions, the bonsai adapts by growing long structural roots in search of water, sacrificing the growth of the upper part of your bonsai. If your bonsai seems to grow slow, it might be growing more roots instead. Water your bonsai until about half the volume of the pot has drained through the drainage hole or more. Do it frequently so that the bonsai will have no reason to grow more structural roots in search for water. You can also change your soil mix to remove preferential pathways and cavities within the soil so that water could reach the roots instantly.

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