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Written by Bonsai King   
Thursday, 19 June 2008 17:41


This is a bougainvillea that I bought from a fish farm somewhere in the North. It was in a pot and was placed at the edge of a fish pond as decoration. I bought it from the owner for about US$10.00. It was very hard to negotiate because they were selling fish not plants. The Bougainvillea was tightly pot bound so I took the gamble and bought the Bougainvillea without seeing the root structure (nebari). I was thinking of either creating a twin trunk or an upright with a large first branch. Here is the picture I took when I arrived in my office, and removed the Bougainvillea from pot. Notice the shape of bottom part, it took the shape of the pot.

Here is a clearer view. The problem here is the big bulge at the bottom. I have to utilize this character somehow. I can not chop the bulge because that is where the life line is. See how the roots connect to the bulge. There goes my gamble...


I placed the Bougainvillea on top of its former pot in my attempt to view it as a semi-cascade. The bulge really looks very bad!!



I brought the Bougainvillea to my farm and tried all possible configurations. I finally ended up without a good base. The Bougainvillea is a slanted bonsai after all. What happened to the bulge? It is buried on the left side.

Look at the base, it is so nice.

I will update you with more pictures later.



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