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Friday, 12 September 2008 16:43

Fertilizing bonsai

Even if your soil mix contains organic materials. fertilizing bonsai insures that adequate nutrients are available to your bonsai all the time. The organic materials in your soil will take time to decompose and the rate at which it decomposes is unpredictable. It is however a good back up just in case you forget to fertilize your bonsai.

Types of bonsai fertilizer

Time release fertilizers

These are bonsai fertilizers that dissolve slowly in time. Each time you water, a small amount of fertilizer dissolves and go into the soil. The problem with this is that only the part which is directly under the bonsai fertilizer container gets nutrition. You can even see the roots going out of the soil to reach the fertilizer. When all the bonsai fertilizer is dissolved you refill the container. The container is usually some kind of a strainer with a stand that you push into the soil much like a tee in golf. Sometimes, used stockings or socks could be used and works just the same. Some people sprinkle time release bonsai fertilizer all around the pot without using strainers. This also works but after the first watering you can no longer see the particles because it has gone into the cracks and crevices of the soil. Since you can not see it, you might be applying more fertilizer than needed.

Soluble fertilizer

These bonsai fertilizers dissolve fast and completely. You dissolve it in water and use it to water your plants. You can apply fertilizer as often as you want as long as you adjust the concentration of the bonsai fertilizer. I find this the best way of fertilizing bonsai as I have absolute control on on how much and when to apply the fertilizer. With enough experience and experimentation, you will be amazed how your bonsai responds to each of your application. It is like feeding food to a dog, where you see the dog respond with joy.


Urea is the cheapest commercial bonsai fertilizer available.  It is chemically known as Amonium Cyanate


Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. These are the three macro nutrients essential to your bonsai. These come in different concentrations. When you see !4-14-14, this means !4-Nitrogen, 14 Phosphorous, !4-Potassium respectively. When buying fertilizers always buy the highest number. Because for the same amount of fertilizer by weight, the higher number will produce more gallons of bonsai fertilizer solution. I will further explain it as follows:





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